Governor Ducey,  the challenges of a virus are real but the coming economic tidal wave is even more so, and the public is simply not being told the full story.  It is time, now, sir, to start the economic engine of our Great State, put families back to work, and open businesses like Texas, Georgia and other states have and are accomplishing.  Arizonans are a resilient people, and ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.  Have some faith in us Governor.  Our tenacious love of God, family and country no longer allows those who are healthy to idly standby and endure an overreaching government. The growing reality of our government creating welfare lines by forcing the ill-conceived shutdowns with mandatory stay-at-home is abhorrent!   While citizens with weakened immune systems should be advised to isolate for a time, the medical facts clearly show that healthy people confined to their homes actually create weakened immune systems.

Arizona has five counties with no corona virus.  Along with this, the rising temperature above 80 degrees further works in our favor by killing virus.  Stop following establishment guidelines and step up for the good of our State.  Allow our citizens the opportunity to get the State’s job market moving and give our stagnant economy a chance to recover.  It’s time to step up and be the leader you claimed you would be when you sought the office.  Take into account that the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) both broadcast for days medical models that failed miserably in their projections, had conflicting information spewing, and helped cause massive fear across our Nation.  To this day these organizations would like to see continued shut downs for another 60-days as they have broadcast.

President Trump granted state leaders the freedom to determine the reopening of their state, sooner than later.  The President demonstrated a great respect for State sovereignty by allowing Governors to step up and lead for the good of their state.  I am asking you to do the same.  You took great pride announcing when seeking office how your business background would be an asset to Arizona.  You have the great privilege to show this now.  As a former member of the Arizona State Legislature for a number of years, and as a citizen and constituent, end this miserable reaction and intrusion into our lives.