The Issues in 2020 & Beyond

Where Judy Stands on the important issues that impact Arizona.

2020 has shown us that leadership matters. The environment, being prepared for public health emergencies, criminal justice, and many more topics are impacting all our lives as private citizens. It is important that you know where your representatives stand on issues that matter to you. That is why Judy has put together a list of where she stands on some of the topics she hears being brought up most often.

If there are issues that matter to you that are not covered on this page please feel free to reach out to Judy via email or the form on our contact page.

Where Judy Stands.

This is just a partial list of issues that Judy is passionate about. Please take the time to read through the ones that matter most to you, and please feel free to reach out to Judy personally for more information. Thank you for your interest in the issues and your state of Arizona.

Can “We the People” afford to let our state government take control of one of life’s essential elements –the appropriate term is “Creeping socialism”.

Concerns are that current bills would give state domain over virtually all water usage in Arizona.  These bills have the potential to fundamentally erode the ability of citizens, county, and local governments to manage their own water resources.  And what about the avalanche of new unfunded mandates to envelop state and local governments.

Should state government have the ability to drive up “costs to grow crops, provide water to cities, operate and maintain water storage and delivery facilities, produce energy (including renewable power), build and maintain public transportation systems, deliver affordable goods and services to consumers and carry out virtually any activity that occurs on the land without state agencies constantly threatening to interfere”

“Is it possible that the Governor’s plan would virtually impact every business or job-creating activity in the state?”

According to the Parental Power Index (PPI), Arizona ranks #4  (83%) in the nation when it comes to giving parents power over their children’s education.  This exceptional rating  reflects access to choices as to which school best meets the individual child’s needs-public, charter, Christian, home schooling or on-line programs.  Empowering parents means freedom, flexibility & an opportunity to participate in one of the strongest programs in Arizona. Our state is credited with having some of the most innovative charters in the nation.   This is an example of how government should stay out of the way by empowering citizens, in this case parents, to have more flexibility in the raising of their family.

Moratorium should be immediately put into action on new immigration given the huge influx of immigrants this past year that have proven to be overwhelming to the economy; taxing law enforcement and our healthcare system, along with draining funds from welfare, and public schools.

Time to move immigrants that want to do it the right-way (dreaming, waiting and wanting to become productive American citizens) to the front-of-the-line.  The overwhelming majority of immigrants coming from Africa and Middle Eastern countries have NO desire to assimilate into our American culture.

EPA has been for years steeped in mission creep.  The EPA’s original goal was to work with state and local officials; however, since that time the EPA has waged a war on states circumventing the Constitution and collaborating with environmentalist groups to implement policies that have little to do with protecting the environment.   The prevailing philosophic view is that the states are merely vessels to implement whatever policies and regulation the administration sees fit, regardless of the wisdom, cost or efficiency of such measures.

True leadership is needed at every level of government from school boards to congress.  Appears political correctness and the constant assault on character have become the new norm.  It is past time to take a stand and be a “true servant leader” of WE THE PEOPLE.

Virginia governor and state legislature have definitely set the standard for attempting to abridge the Second Amendment to the Constitution.  Be vigilant, as Arizona is one of six states targeted to turn socialist Democrat in the 2020 election. Stand firm and demand to know what your candidates represent when it comes to your Constitutional rights-when running for office and everyday thereafter.  No, our Constitution is not a fluid document written by angry old racist white men-it is meant to endure ensuring freedom for “WE THE PEOPLE”.

Evaluate the possibility of restructuring sentencing for non-violent inmates who need rehabilitation, can and should make restitution to the victim and community, and develop means to reduce recidivism.

The primary goal to rehabilitate first time offenders and low level non violent inmates through correction of their behavior and potential future misconduct may be accomplished without incarceration. “This could be more beneficial to both the offender and the community if the focus of our criminal justice system is on rehabilitation and re-entry instead of punishment for the sake of punishment. Changing the system to more effective ways to treat low level, nonviolent offenders could potentially free resources to protect the community from violent predators who truly present threats to public safety.

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